Auto Expo 2020: MG Motors’ E200 Becomes the Center of Attraction for Everyone!!

Auto Expo 2020: MG Motors’ E200

 MG Motors displayed a variety of cars but the most fascinating one that captured every eye in the event was “E200”. E200 is a small, compact but a quite spacious car. No information about this car has been unveiled yet but it is expected that this would be an electric car.

In China, this car is known as “Baojun”, that has been in sale for years. It has a very unique look, somewhat wider from the front persisting single door on either side with a large cladding at back.

The interiors of the car are pretty simple comprising a small screen on the steering to control the other technologies of the car. It can be compared to Nano and Alto but it has more and better features than both of these. Also, it has more cabin space.

The motor of E200 is 38 BPH which is sufficient for this small car.

This two-seater car is going to be a tough competitor for many other small cars in the league, as it provides a wide range of features that too with an affordable price of Rs. 5 lakhs only.

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