Do you know Neha Chatterjee Had to Strip Several Times for the film ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’?

darling don't cheat

You would be amazed to know that actress Neha Chatterjee had to strip several times during the shoot of the film ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’. This film is full of bold scenes, and actress Neha Chatterjee had to land her dress in front of the camera, not only once but several times. However, these scenes are filmed while taking great care.

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Speaking on this, Bollywood actress Neha Chatterjee says that acting in the suspense thriller drama ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ was full of challenging and breaking traditions. According to Neha, ‘the film is full of bolds scenes and dialogs. She admitted that she had to be a part of the stripping scene for the film. She said that the stripping scenes were needed for the story as the story of the film is very overwhelming. According to the report, not only Neha Chatterjee, but many actors of this film had to come across stripping scenes like Neha.

Neha Chatterjee says if there is a need to do such scenes according to the story; the artist should not be ashamed of doing it. ‘Darling Don’t Cheat’ is a suspense thriller movie. In the film, a merciless killer forces some girls to take off their clothes. Neha has played an actress who is ready to do anything to become a star.

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