Kaagaz Movie Review: Another Attempt to Depict an Old Fashioned Story in a Novel Way, A Must Watch Movie

Rating: 3.5/5

In earlier days, many old men above 80 years used to keep circling the headquarters of their respective districts for their survival proof in the government papers. Their appearance in the headquarters was proof of their survival. These elders had to do this every year in the country. But in a bizarre case, hundreds of people were declared dead on paper in all the districts of Uttar Pradesh 25-30 years ago. The landlords carried out this mass campaign everywhere from the city to the village countryside to grab lands of people who were declared dead on paper.

The film Kaagaz has the same storyline. It is the story of a common man who lost his identity in government paper and has adamant to prove that he is alive. The actor’s spirit, stubbornness, and passion to act in an old-fashioned storyline are worthy to praise.

The story of Lal BihariDeceased‘ and his struggle will indeed make the audiences stuck on their seats and impel them to dive deep into the storyline and fantastic acting. It is a pleasant feeling to see Pankaj Tripathi playing his character on the screen. In the film, there are many scenes that will rip your heart such as the scene when his wife arrives to fill the widow pension form in exchange for vermilion and Mangalsutra hanging around her neck. Monal has done well in the role of wife.

The film ‘paper‘ is also the hallmark of the changing phase of Indian cinema in which movies releasing in cinema halls are different than the film being seen in homes. This film is great in terms of OTT. This film awakens the realities, explains humanity, and tells the flaws of the system, which a common man has to face every day in this country.

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