Aamir Khan’s Daughter Ira Khan Reveals she was Sexually Assaulted at the Age of 14, Watch video

Ira Khan, daughter of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, is the hot topic of discussion for disclosing that she was sexually molested as a teenager. Earlier, Ira Khan said that ‘I am depressed‘ that was widely discussed on social media. And once again, she has shared a video on her Instagram account stating that why she never understood the reason for her depression. She told that the divorce of his parents was also not the reason for her depression.

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In that video, she is saying, “she will not be able to answer why she is in depression because she does not know herself. For the last several years, she has been trying to understand this, but no direct and right answer has been found. She said, ‘Today I want to tell you about my comfortable life. I have never felt any problem with money. My parents, my friends, they never gave me any pressure on anything.

Disclosure on Parental Divorce

In the video, Ira Khan, referring to her parents’ divorce, said, “My parents got divorced when I was little, but I was not shocked about that. Even after my parents divorced, they both are very good friends, we are happy together. I had TB when I was 6. So, TB was not such a bad thing for me that I am so sad.

Sexual Abuse at the Age of 14

I was sexually assaulted when I was 14 years old. So, I did not know what was happening, but when I came to know, I went away from it. Yes, I felt bad why I let this happen to me, but it was not such a big shock of a lifetime that I would go into depression.

I can tell my friends and parents every moment of my life, but what to tell. Why would they ask me? So what shall I tell, nothing bad has happened to me as I feel! Too much thinking has stopped me from talking to them and has kept them away. ”

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HINDI VERSION – LINK IN BIO. I never spoke to anyone about anything because I assumed that my privilege meant I should handle my stuff on my own, or if there was something bigger, it would make people need a better answer than “I don’t know.” It made me feel like I needed a better answer and until I had that answer, my feelings weren’t something I should bother anyone else with. No problem was big enough to ponder too long about. What would anyone do? I had everything. What would anyone say? I had said it all. I still think there’s a small part of me that thinks I’m making all this up, that I have nothing to feel bad about, that I’m not trying hard enough, that maybe I’m over reacting. Old habits die hard. It takes me feeling my worst to make myself believe that it’s bad enough to take seriously. And no matter how many things I have, how nice to me people are because of my dad, how nice to me people are because they love and care about me… if I feel a certain way, a certain not nice way, then how much can rationally trying to explain these things to myself do? Shouldn’t I instead get up and try and fix things? And if I can’t do that for myself? Shouldn’t I ask for help? . . . #mentalhealth #privilege #depression #repression #divorce #sexualabuse #letstalk #betterlatethannever #letitout #depressionhelp #askforhelp

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