Deepika Padukone’s Self-isolation Tips – Set a Routine for Your Mental and Physical Well-Being

Deepika Padukone’s self-isolation

While the lockdown making people bored at their home, Deepika Padukone advises fans to set a daily routine to keep your physical and mental health in the top shape. She said that the basics thing that people can do is follow a routine. She says that if you are on something, set a daily or weekly target. Setting the time of sleeping and waking up is more important because less work at home may make people lazy.


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The 34 years actress has added that individuals can be hit by anxiety. In that case, a professional’s help must be sought. Reaching out health professionals is the best thing one can do in those situations. The actress has given the four tips to stay physically and mentally healthy during the self-isolation period.

  • Set a routine including determining the time of sleeping and waking
  • Utilize your time, set daily and weekly targets
  • Exercise daily, and eat a balanced diet
  • Don’t compromise with your sleep and hydration

Deepika Padukone took to her social media account to share a glimpse of her exercise regimen. She admits that when she is at home, she follows her training routine. Long before she was battling depression, she is well-aware of how to overcome these. She says “When I was young, and an athlete, I understood that I felt good [when I trained]. I always felt that correlation. Being physically active has a big role to play in my emotional well-being.


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She admitted that she has undergone several irritating situations over the years. Asking about that time, she said “I am not one who likes to do the same thing. A few years ago, I took to yoga, and then Pilates. I didn’t enjoy running, so in the last couple of years, I have wanted to overcome that [fear], and have hence taken to it now.”

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