Kangana Ranaut’s Befitting Reply to Trolls Army Criticizing Her Bikini Picture: Walk on Religion, Don’t Be Its Contractor

Bold actress Kangana Ranaut has given a befitting reply to the troll army who are criticizing her bikini picture which she posted on social media. Stating that, she got trolled for her bikini picture wherein she is seen sitting at the beach in a red bikini and looking at sea tide. Many social media users opposed her picture stating that this is not the religion.

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Replying to the troll army, Kangana said, ‘Seeing my bikini picture, some people are giving me the lecture of religion and Sanatan, what will happen to you if mother Bhairavi comes out with an image of hairless, clothed, blood-drinking? You will be destroyed and call yourself a devotee? Walk on religion, don’t be its contractor …. Jai Shri Ram

The troll army gave a mixed responses on Kangana’s reply, one user says, ‘We support and respect you because of your patriotism or eternal lover’s thinking, but this does not mean that we are going to applaud nudity too .. Your profession allows nudity. We have no objection but to defend it you cannot take the cover of the Gods and Gods .. consider it’

Another user says, “Kangana Ji, I just want to make a request to you. See, acting is your job, we don’t have any problem with the kind of clothes you use inside that work, but you will put this kind of photo on Twitter today. Today, Indian people are saying you a Hindu lioness, what about all of them?

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