Minissha Lamba Speaks Out In Favor of Rhea Chakraborty, ‘I Request People to Stop, Take a Breath and Re-Assess and Show Some Compassion’

Sushant Singh Rajput’s mysterious death has been a hot topic of debate nowadays. And as the CBI investigation carries forward and the truth reveals, many celebrities come forward to share their views. Rhea Chakraborty, the main accuse of the case, has been blamed by Sushant’s family for his alleged suicide. In fact, she is surrounded by People’s gossiping, hatred, blaming, and favors. Minissha Lamba who has been quiet so far and watching twist and tangle of this case spoke out in the favor of Rhea. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Minissha gave her views on Sushant’s death and expressed favor for Rhea.
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You recently put out tweets expressing your support to Rhea, what made you share your perspective?

Because now enough is enough! Nothing about those wild accusations sat right with me. They didn’t make sense. Post Rhea’s interviews, which to me, resonated with truth and reason and logic, I could not just sit anymore and be quiet. Give a human being the dignity of undergoing investigations without us pronouncing judgment based on conjecture, rumor, and gossip.

Rhea is getting very little support from her peers or industry people, why do you think that is?

I can’t answer for anyone else. You will have to ask them.
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Do you believe that Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt’s relationship is being misconstrued?

Rhea has clarified that. I hope it finally gives rest to overactive imaginations.
Rhea revealed that Sushant smokes marijuana, while his family has alleged that Rhea poisoned the actor, your comments?
From Rhea’s interviews and an audiotape that came out recently where Sushant – Rhea and two other people are assisting them in planning their future. They are heard discussing the idea of moving to Pawna (outskirts of Mumbai) as Sushant feels he can’t work in films anymore because of his condition. It was heartbreaking to hear him make the decision to leave. We can clearly hear Rhea being supportive. She is leaving Mumbai as well to live with him and take care of him. From this conversation, I can only see a woman who loved Sushant and did all that she could to help him get better. I don’t see any logic or motive for this horrible accusation.

Rhea’s family is also being dragged into the questioning, your comments?

The investigative agencies are conducting their business in the manners and protocols that they see fit. But what is happening in the court of Indian media trials, resulting in tainted public opinion, that is just not done.

Do you think Rhea is being made an easy target here?

We are in the midst of an unprecedented worldwide crisis. People are scared. Some have even lost jobs. Businesses have gone bust overnight. Everyone’s lives have turned upside down, without any warning. There is fear, anger, anxiety, uncertainty for the future. This mass fear-anger collective consciousness is being channeled towards a soft target – Rhea Chakraborty. I’m not assigning blame anywhere. But merely trying to deconstruct this situation. I request people to stop, take a breath and re-assess and show some compassion.

Whenever the controversy ends, you think Rhea will ever be able to resurrect her career?

More importantly, I hope and pray that Rhea, her family, and Sushant’s family heal from the loss they are grieving. And yes I do wish for everyone to rebuild their lives and come out stronger. And I hope we all collectively help in whatever ways that we can. It’s the very least we owe.
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