“Monday Moods”, These Pictures Of Sonal Chauhan Is Perfect Demonstration of Complicated Yoga Asanas




Sonal Chauhan made a sensational debut in ‘Jannat’ starring Imraan Hashmi and Kangna Ranaut and drew the attention of movie lovers with her breathtaking performance. She hasn’t been much successful in bagging popular movies since then, but she is immensely popular on Social Media. She often shares her health and fitness pictures and videos with her fans. In recent days, she consecutively shared many pictures.

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Look at her mesmerizing pictures:

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🌸🌸कर्नापीड़ासन/ Karnapidasana consists of three Sanskrit words; कार्ना which means Ear, पीड़ा which means pain and आसन which means posture🌸🌸 Karnapidasana exerts pressure on the ear and is helpful in relieving all the conditions related to ears. Being an advanced form of Halasana, it is also called Raja Halasana. Benefits: •It is an Energiser and it helps to Calm the brain •Stretches and strengthens the whole spinal column •It improves the lung strength. thus it is helpful for asthma sufferers •Stimulates the thyroid gland and abdominal organs •Stretches the shoulders and spine •Controls depression, pressure, hypertension and fatigue •Helps to reduce the menopause •Helps to reduce the sinusitis, infertility, headache, and backache •Increases the digestion. •Strengthens and Stretches : Vertebral column, Back, shoulders and the whole spinal column •Tones the hips and buttocks @anshukayoga #ॐ #love #yoga #sonalchauhan #anshukayoga #yogaposes #yogamat #karnapidasana #fitness #sunday #yogafitness #peace #joy #positivevibes #positivity #faith #magic #miracle #wellness #mentalpeace #morning

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However, in her recent photo, she looks more appealing in Monday Mood.

Sonal is also known close to issues related to environment and animal welfare. In the recent death of an Elephant in Kerala a few months ago, she shared a message on Instagram to express his anger:

“There are monsters out there. I was really hoping that it’ll become a kinder world post what we’ve gone through in the last couple of months. But clearly NOTHING is gonna change here. We deserve every bit of what is happening to us right now. And some more. Who the f*** told us that this planet belongs only to us. It’s as much theirs as it’s ours. Rest in Peace humanity.”

See More Pictures of Her:

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