Rishi Kapoor commented on Kanika Kapoor escaping quarantine!!

Rishi Kapoor commented on Kanika Kapoor escaping quarantine!!

By escaping quarantine Kanika Kapoor has undoubtedly created a big mess and invited a huge problem not only for herself but for others too. She has been accused of negligence on Coronavirus. She has been found Covid-19 positive and still, instead of being self-isolated she attends a high profile party in Lucknow and has come across around 400 other people.

Rishi Kapoor, the veteran Bollywood actor, has tweeted about this situation. He wrote that Kanika is only one to blame, the hotel authority also must have screened her for the same. He said that The Taj Hotel is a big name themselves and must have this check at the entry time only. Surely, they would have detected and then necessary actions might be taken.

Furthermore, he said that ‘Aajkal “Kapoor” logon pe time bhaari hai. Darta hoon. Hey Malik raksha karna dusre “Kapoor-on” ki! Koi galat kaam na ho kabhi. Jai Mata Di!’ Meanwhile, Sona Mahapatra also blasted on Kanika Kapoor, tagged her as ‘irresponsible idiot’.

Well, we could just hope this pandemic ends soon, till then stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned!

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