Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review: The Amazonian Goddess Barely Save a Wonderless Sequel

The film Wonder women 1984 is now judging from its first series ‘Wonder Women’ released in 2017. The two special things that are widely focused on in Wonder Woman 1984 are the Amazonian goddess and the ‘80’s nostalgia that most likely filmed to cash on. But somehow, neither it shows the full potential of 1984 wonder women nor is its storyline so much intense to hold the audiences. In Wonder Woman 1984, there are a few interesting things that are interesting DC icons, music, and Gal Gadot’s charming outfits.

Following up 2017’s Wonder Woman, the sequel leaves World War I and German trenches on the land of Washington DC. Diana Prince takes her position at the Smithsonian and has been spending her days saving joggers in pink tights from getting run over and local malls from getting robbed. Other than the outfits, music, and storyline, there is are little things to make an impression. However, the music, especially the opening Themyscira theme, is more likely to hold you for a while and let you have some memory after returning from theatre.

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