5 Important Lessons Learned During Coronavirus Lockdown

coronavirus lockdown

It taught about how we were wasting money

The New Year 2020 must have come with many new resolutions for everyone, as it does usually. Most of you must be having resolutions to save some specific amount of money by the end of the year. Well, many people think of savings but could not end up actually with any of it. This is mainly because of the lavish lifestyle people tend to follow these days. Partying every then and now without any reason, having unnecessary weekend outings, and ending up spending money like flowing water. This lockdown must have taught many of us that these habits are going to help at no point in life and also it is not necessary.

In this context, I would recommend to just continue this simple lifestyle we are living these days during the lockdown and do not again indulge in the habit of having unnecessary outings and useless parties.

Buy the things only when you need, not want

This is the most important financial lesson learned during the lockdown. Many of us have the habit of shopping recklessly. But it is very essential to understand your ‘need’ and ‘want’. Most of the people end up spending around Rs. 10000 per week on mindless shopping. Now, that we are only available with the essential products, all of us must have realized that we can survive with minimal products and minimal expenditure on shopping.

Online food ordering is a waste of money

Staying at home taught us the important lesson of having financial as well as healthy benefits. While ordering food online, people hardly think of the extra money they pay on the simple food, which could be easily prepared at home without much effort and that too with minimal cost. Besides money, we used to keep our health at risk by consuming outside food. This lockdown definitely came with the hard taught lesson of saving money by not ordering online food and eating nutritious and healthy home-cooked food.

Expenditure while commuting to work is a big waste

This expenditure perhaps seemed essential earlier, but the lockdown has put a valid question in everyone’s mind that if the same amount of work can be done by staying at home, then why most of the Indian companies do not allow their employees this flexibility of working from home? This could not only save the traveling expense but also it would contribute to be a big step towards controlling pollution.

Saving money by not buying unnecessary clothes and make-up products

Most of the people, especially women and girls have this habit of buying clothes and make-up, if not every week ten every month. This is a huge wastage of money which can be easily controlled by just buying only when it is required. This lockdown came with a handful of lessons one of which is ‘self-control’. People need to understand that they are wasting their own hard-earned money on such useless products which could be later used someplace essential.

Well, we hope that these lessons learned during lockdown actually make any difference in people’s lives and it is interesting to see how many of us could abide by these habits when the lockdown ends.

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