Allergies after Applying Corona Vaccine in Britain, Know What are Its Symptoms

Allergies after Applying Corona Vaccine in Britain, Know What are Its Symptoms

Allergies after Applying Corona Vaccine in Britain, Know What are Its Symptoms

Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine in Britain has worsened the health of two people. The British regulator is now taking this matter very seriously. Meanwhile, the regulator has appealed to the people that those people who have severe allergy problems should avoid vaccination at the moment. The British Health Department issued a warning saying that people who are allergic to any medicine, food or vaccine should not get Pfizer’s Corona vaccine vaccine.

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COVID vaccine is being given on a large scale in Britain since Tuesday, but so far only two people have been exposed to allergy. The British Health Department has said that the vaccine has been approved only after testing it on every scale, so no one other than two people has faced such a problem.

Information was provided by Pfizer-BioNTech that during the trial of the vaccine no person was allergic to medicines. Under this, approval was also taken from the British government. However, experts say that everyone will be allergic to the vaccine, this is not true. Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is being given in the UK.

Experts say that more cases of allergic reaction may come in the coming time after applying the vaccine. It should not be considered unexpected.

Why Are Such Reactions Happening?

Scientists say that people can be sensitive to gelatin or egg protein or this vaccine. People who are allergic to eggs have sometimes been advised not to use this vaccine. Because hen eggs have also been used to make this vaccine. Common symptoms of allergic reaction after taking this vaccine are visible rashes on the body, skin irritation, cough or difficulty in breathing.

Typical side effects after this vaccination may be symptoms of arm pain (where injected), fever or muscle pain. Pfizer’s study found that people who were tried on this vaccine had to face problems such as fatigue, headache or chills. However, cases of allergic reaction after this vaccination are very few and short term. That means for a very short time.

What are the other serious symptoms? The regulator is investigating further about this. But it can take a long time to determine its identity. Significantly, in the UK, the work of giving vaccines in different phases will be done. In the beginning, vaccines are being given to healthworkers, elderly people, after which people suffering from serious illness have been given priority. Half a dozen vaccine trials are going on in India too, which is only in the last phase.

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