Can Coronavirus Also Spread Through Sex and Kiss? Let’s See What Experts Say!

Coronavirus Sexually Transmitted

While coronavirus death toll reaches 3,164 worldwide and 92,819 confirmed cases have been found till the date, it is a pressing concern to protect ourselves from this highly contagious virus! But in order to do that, we must know all the precautionary measures. Though there is a number of ways through which this deadly virus can spread which are discussed below, there are speculations of whether Coronavirus can also spread through kisses and sex. So, let’s see what virus experts say about this.


Does kissing an infected person transmit Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is dependent on microbe or viral droplets to travel from one host to another. According to the world health organization, the virus can’t spread unless saliva or viral droplets is transmitted from the mouth. So, whenever someone touches the saliva of an infected person and takes that into the mouth or rubs the eyes, the virus is transmitted into that person.

While kissing, saliva is transmitted through one to another, and as saliva transmission is a major reason for infection, kissing an infected person can definitely transmit coronavirus from one to another.

Is Coronavirus Sexually Transmitted?

According to WHO, coronavirus is not sexually transmitted disease, but as a possibility of other practices like kissing and touching while having sex, the virus can be transmitted from the infected person. So, experts advise to properly sanitize or take a bath soon after the sex. Also, due to the strong possibility of virus transmission through other practices while sex, you should avoid having sex with strangers as they might be the infected one.

Does Coronavirus spread through cough?

Coronavirus is transmitted with viral droplets. And while coughing or sneezing viral droplets spread in the air, the virus moves from one to another through small droplets. Once released from one host, these droplets land on skin or surface around the person and when that person touches the surface and subsequently rubs their eyes, nose or mouth, the virus preys that person.

People can be infected when they inhale viral droplets by breathing from the infected person who coughs out or exhales droplets. This is why experts say that it is important to stands at least 1 meter away from the infected person.

Can the Virus be transmitted through the Air?

According to the experts, Coronavirus doesn’t transmit directly through the air. However, it can transmit through contact with respiratory droplets of the infected persons. Viral droplets travel through the air up to a minimum distance, so distance at least 1 meter is recommended to maintain by the experts.

Is There Any Cure available to terminate the virus?

Since its origination, many scientists and medical experts have been working vigorously to find the experimental treatment. Still, no drugs or vaccines have been developed yet that is proved effective in combating these viruses. However, at its initial stage, general medicine for fever and cough is effective to combat the virus.

What Measures You Should Take to Prevent Infection?

There are many standard measures you could take to prevent infections like washing hands and face frequently, covering mouth and nose with a mask while coughing and sneezing, cooking meat and eggs thoroughly, proper sanitization, and so on. But most of all, try to avoid close contact with anyone who has a symptom of the virus such as if he/she is suffering from coughing and sneezing.

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