Companies Ratchet Up Their Efforts: More COVID-19 Vaccine Is Set To Begin Human Trial

Coronavirus is spreading all around the world at an unprecedented rate. Every day, in fact, every hour, it is bringing more new cases of infections, more deaths, and a fear among all of us. And vaccine that is the one and only solution to stop this pandemic is still on its way. However, drug companies speed up their effort to create a new vaccine, and it bodes well as their efforts are bringing good results.

In normal circumstances, the creation of a vaccine may take years but pharmaceutical industries are speeding up the process to compress this duration with the support of government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and regulatory bodies.

On 8 April, Novavax, a Maryland-based biotech company, announced that the human trial is set to begin in mid-May in Australia for its vaccine candidate. Novavax is one of two dozen companies that have announced COVID-19 vaccine programs that they are ratcheting up through the early stages of testing like never before. Novavax said its vaccine candidate had stimulated a powerful immune response in lab and animal experiments, producing a vaccine that could combat coronavirus.

On the same day, Mesoblast, a stem-cell company, announced that “it is starting a 240-patient clinical trial with the support National Institutes of Health that would test whether cells derived from bone marrow could help patients who developed a deadly immune reaction to the coronavirus.”

Though the process of creating a vaccine is at the utmost speed, yet by the coming final product it would take a year or more away. The human trial will begin soon though to know the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine; it would take almost a year.

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