Corona Kavach: The Government Launches A Location-Based App for Tracking Coronavirus!!

Corona Kavach:

The government of India is involved in developing an app for Android and iOS smartphone users to the spread of the coronavirus. Named as ‘Corona Kavach’ is being developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. The beta version of the app is already available on the Google Play Store.

This is a location-based app that tracks the user to check if they have been in contact with a COVID-19 positively infected person. There is no official announcement for the launch date of the app but the beta version is available for now. Interested users can download and try it. Just remember that it’s not the stable version, it is just a testing version, and so it might not work at times as expected.


The app requires the user’s phone number to make an account. As the app is location-based, it works on GPS of the mobile phone. It might raise the privacy issue of the user but the app says that the user identity will be kept anonymous. The app persists the ability to identify the infected chain and also it alerts you when you come in the infected range of the host. The will also intimate you about the caution status and helps you to act accordingly. The status of the users is distinguished based on color code. For illustration, a person who has never been in any contact with coronavirus positive cases will have one color code, while the person who has close proximity to such cases will have another color code. The app uses the data from the positive COVID-19 cases registered by the government so far. Furthermore, for now, it works on two basic languages Hindi and English but the government plans to make it available in other regional languages as well.

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