Coronavirus Crisis: Experts Believe Much Worse to Come

Coronavirus Crisis: Experts Believe Much Worse to Come

The word is suffering from coronavirus pandemic. At one point where it was claimed to be originated seems to be controlling, at another it is spreading its leg very fast in the rest part of the world. 338,879 cases have been found worldwide and yet the number is rolling. Italy and France have been worse hit. Italy is topping in the list with 5,500 fatalities whereas France recorded 400 new fatalities on Sunday, bringing to total number 1,720. India wherein coronavirus cases were at ease initially seems to be scaling up with the total number 415 wherein 6 deaths have been recorded.

Experts expect that if the disease advances, the number of people affected by the coronavirus may increase from 400 to around 3,000 only in India in about two weeks’ of time if the situation is not fully controlled. The facts led to the government to take strict action to stop this pandemic as soon as possible.

India has announced complete lockdown in many states including Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan.  Having closed schools, bars, and restaurants, public transport, even sealing the boundary of the states, the government has taken all possible steps – yet the government is exempting essential businesses, essential traveling, and so on. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi announced Janta Curfew a day before wherein citizens were asked to stay at home. The lockdown has been extended up to March 31.

Those who are able asked to work from home, which means staying at home until the situation is under control, shopping rarely, keeping a safe distance of at least six feet from others, and following precautions like not touching the face, washing hand frequently and so on.

Expert predicts that the total number of fatalities could be more than 500,000 worldwide if the same situation is rolling. However, the advisory rules will save lives as the awareness is being spread and all safety measures are being taken to the utmost. Meanwhile WHO is aiming at bringing the world to the consensus point to mitigate the virus spread by all possible means!


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