Coronavirus Might Have Negative Impact on Sex Life, Wuhan University of China Discloses!

Coronavirus is not just damaging the respiratory system, but it also has a negative impact on our sex life. In a report revealed by the Chinese University of Wuhan, it is stated that this virus is impacting sex hormones; it is damaging male’s testicles thereby making people impotent. Lessening sex excitement and losing erection are other symptoms that are found. It is revealed after a test performed on 81 recovered COVID-19 patients.

All recovered male patients studied are at the age of 20 to 54 years. They all are admitted to the hospital of Wuhan in January this year. They were tested when they were about to recover from COVID-19. The virus effects are seen more in males. The scientists found a deteriorated proportion of testosterone and luteinizing hormones due to the virus effect. These two hormones are major causes to balance sex life. If its proportion deteriorates, the formation of sperm is stopped which in turn leads to the deficiency of sex hormones.

The recovered male patients who are studied are having T/LH proportion 0.74 which is almost a half than an average T/LH. Scientists believe that it may have a bad impact on sex life; even it may impact the next generation. Lessening sexual excitement can be recovered if it is a little less, but when T/LH proportion is less than half, it is hardly recovered.

Testosterone hormones are the main hormones which cause sexual excitement in male whereas luteinizing hormones are found in both male and female which cause sexual excitement in the female.

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