Coronavirus Pandemic: How These 100 Days Turned the World Upside Down?

The whole world was busy in preparation for New Year 2020, keeping the pleasurable memory of the current year, planning and wishing for a beautiful life ahead. The eruption of colorful firecrackers, parties all around, and the wave of joy all seemed like shaping a beautiful year ahead until an unprecedented danger put the foot in. On 31 December, the Chinese government announced the detection of “pneumonia of an unknown cause” in the south China seafood wholesale market in Wuhan. At the time, it was one amid other diseases including Ebola, measles, dengue fever that was confirmed by WHO. So, it was taken less seriously but who knew that day that the virus which was barely noticed would turn the world upside down in upcoming days, who knew it would halt the travel, impel people to stay at their home, choke the economy, and cause the death of thousands and infect millions, who knew that it could be such a fatal that would infect top leaders of the world including British prime minister, Iranian vice president, and Idris Elba by the middle of the April. The devastation is still on its way, in fact, stronger and more rapid. Let’s be back and take a glance at its most unpleasant journey so far.

Wednesday 1 January: Coronavirus Set the foot In

The virus was still undetectable, but the sound of the unknown disease had been comprehended. Wuhan market was busting, the police van was rolling in the area, making the door of shops shut. The patients were fueling the Wuhan hospital. Doctors were puzzled by having to find ominous symptoms. Concerned messages were circulating over social media. One message says that SARS is basically certain, don’t let the nurses go out”. Another says: “Wash your hands, wear Masks and Gloves”.

The disease was unknown; doctors were treating coronavirus as pneumonia. The Chinese officials understood that the disease lies in the Wuhan seafood market. So, the market was censored on YY.

Thursday 9 January: the Mysterious Disease Identified

Coronavirus was identified. The chines scientists say that the sick persons are infected with a previously unidentified coronavirus. They confirmed that the two coronaviruses “Sars and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (Mers) have already developed pandemic this century, and the new virus is deadly too. The first known victim, a 61-year-old man, died in the Wuhan hospital.

This created a spark in Chinese officials, they allowed health official to strike-off patients who have a possible infection, even who have normal pneumonia. No new cases have been found in the subsequent four days.

Monday 20 January: Human-to-Human Transmission Confirmed

The bad news was aired. Zhong Nanshan, a trusted respiratory expert and counterpart of the Chinese government aired the bad news on the television that the two new cases of the virus have been surfaced among patients who don’t have any direct contact with Wuhan. From the statement, the conclusion was evident that the virus’s human-to-human transmission is possible.

Originated from Wuhan, in more than a fortnight, the virus was now appearing in other parts of the country. Four new cases were found on Friday night, and later, more confirmed cases found in Beijing and Shanghai. Following which, Panic started growing in Wuhan. More than 100 patients with coronavirus symptoms were waiting to be seen at the city hospital in the following days.

Virus, first time, set the foot in other parts of the world which was confirmed when a 35-year old man who had recently returned from Wuhan and admitted to the Washington hospital had an infection of coronavirus with a cough and a high fever.

Tuesday 4 February: First Person Succumbed to Virus Outside China

Till Jan 31, nobody had died outside china, but the chines death toll was accelerating. To that date, there were 258 deaths and 11,000 infections had been discovered. The US announced banning foreigners who had been recently traveled to China or have been returning from there.

The death in the Philippines, Manila has been discovered. Soon after, the Philippines banned any new arrivals from China. The director of WHO said: “the disease is spreading minimal and slow. Though it is still worsening, there is no need to halt trade and travel”.

Wednesday 19 February: Virus Burst in South Korea, Two Cases Found in Iran

South Korea expected the upcoming storm earlier and had been started preparing for that even though 30 cases have been recorded to this date. A 61-year-old woman who attended the meeting even after feeling ill and ignoring doctors’ advice to get tested was found positive. She had more than 1,160 risky contacts then, and after that virus burst in South Korea. Whereas, to the day Iran had confirmed two coronavirus positive cases in the country.

Wednesday 11 March: WHO Declared, “COVID-19 Is a Pandemic”.

The confirmed cases have been exceeded 80,000 globally by 25 of January. China had reached at most number of deaths, within two days 150 people had died there. Italy, Iran, South Korea, Britain US and in several other countries, the coronavirus cases started growing rapidly. Amidst, in a rare office address, Trump announced to take the most aggressive and comprehensive approach to confront the virus.

The cases in only the US have passed 1,000 and more than 116,000 people were infected worldwide. Stock markets in the US and UK were collapsing faster since the 2008 financial crash. Death tolls in Italy increased by 168 in a single day, it was the highest figure recorded anywhere across the world.

Tuesday 17 March: French President Declared, “We Are at War”

Day by day and every hour, more cases, more deaths, and more restrictions had been recorded. European nations were sealing off their boundaries, and the continents were sealing off from the world. Amidst, Emmanuel Macron, French president declared, “We are at war”.

Deaths in Italy were growing very fast, 450 each day and soon outnumbered China. In Spain, the confirmed cases had doubled with 17,000 by the end of the week. Three-quarters of those who had died from the virus were European. The French banned riding bikes and traveling by other means. California’s 40 million residents were advised to stay at their homes.

Monday 23 March: Confirmed Cases Exceeded 370,000 Around the World

Confirmed cases around the world surpassed 370,000 including 6,600+ confirmed cases in Britain. Boris Johnson ordered the closing of all non-essential businesses and urged the country to stay at home.

Nearly 400 died in Spain, 5,000+ new cases were confirmed in New York, bringing the state’s total to 20,000. And By the end of the week, the US had the most confirmed cases in the world.

Prime minister, Narendra Modi, urged the nation to “forget what is going out for the next three weeks”. The lockdown order in India triggered one of the largest human migrations across the country since 1947 as workers tried to return to their homes in respective states.

Thursday 2 April: Death in Spain Exceeded 950 in a Single Day

Coronavirus pandemic is in the worse phase. Count of people confirmed to have COVID-19 positive surpassed 1 million, with 50,000+ deaths around the world. Boris Johnson has been found COVID-19 positive, he said to have only minor symptoms and is still able to preside over the UK government’s response.

In India, the cases have been surprisingly uprising, especially in a vast slum area in Mumbai and one of the most densely populated places in the world. Uprising cases are fuelling fears that the virus outbreak may be significantly worse than the official tally of 2,069 cases.

Wednesday 8 April: China Recorded No New Cases, Cautiously Reopened the City

While the rest of the world is suffering from the worst, China is cautiously reopening the city and backing to normal life. Recently, they reopened the city Wuhan and started train to travel.

Boris Johnson admitted to intensive care on Monday after his symptoms worsened, he remains in the hospital. In some of Europe’s worst-hit countries, the new infections and death toll are falling. China has recorded its first day with zero deaths and is cautiously reopening cities.

Singapore, which was benefited from the swift response, has brought forth a strict quarantine rule. Vaccines are on fast-track but are unlikely to be in mass supply for at least 18 months.

Pakistan is slowly reopening its construction sector. As a quarter of its population is under the poverty line, the country is walking into the worst economic crisis. The government is ensuring that people don’t die of hunger and the economy doesn’t collapse”.

A global death rate has increased 75,000 and 1.3 million confirmed infected cases wherein about 270,000 have recovered so far. Still, no worst-hit countries have agreed-upon strategy on how to return life to normal and boost the collapsed economy.

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