Coronavirus Vaccine: Great Success, the New Vaccine Developed by American company Moderna Is 95% Effective

The long wait for the coronavirus vaccine is about to over. As of now, the two drug companies Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna announced to develop coronavirus vaccines that are 90% and 94.5% effective respectively. Now there are hopes that these vaccines will prove helpful to end the epidemic.

A day ago Moderna announced the success of its new vaccine trial and says that this is a historic day for the company and it is going to ask for permission to start using the vaccine in the next few weeks. However, the company releases only preliminary data about the vaccine, and the answers to many important questions are yet to be known.

How Much Better Is This Vaccine?

The trial has been conducted on thirty thousand people in the US, half of whom have been given two doses of vaccine at a difference of four weeks while the remaining people were given dummy injections. The analysis that has been shown is based on the first 95 people who had symptoms of Covid-19. Among them, only five of those who got the vaccine got the infection while the remaining 90% of people were infection-free.

The company claims that this vaccine is giving protection to 94.5 percent of people from the virus. “The overall effect of the vaccine is spectacular,” Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer Tell Zacks said in a press conference. The company’s president, Dr. Stephen Hogg, said, “When the results came out, I had a wide smile on my face.” He added, ‘I didn’t think any of us would have thought that the vaccine would be 94% effective. This is a surprising result.

When Will This Vaccine Will Be Available For Common People?

It depends on how old you are and in which part of the world you reside. Moderna says that it will apply for permission to use this vaccine in the US in the next few weeks. The company hopes that it will be able to provide 20 million doses for America. The company also hopes that it will be able to prepare one hundred million doses for worldwide use. The company is also preparing to get permission in other countries. The company said that vaccines will be made available to 2.5 million people by March next year. Britain has first started working on a plan to vaccinate the oldest people first.

Will There be Any Side Effects of This Vaccine?

Though no medicine is 100% safe, no significant concern has been expressed about its safety so far. It depends on the types of body and sometimes existing diseases. Taking about the most general medicine like Paracetamol is also not a hundred percent safe.

There have been complaints of fatigue, headaches, and body aches after injection in some patients. Professor Peter Openshaw of Imperial College London says, “We expect to see such effects from a vaccine that works to develop a better immune system.”

How does This Vaccine work?

Moderna has created the RNA vaccine that means that a part of the genetic code of the coronavirus will be injected into the body. It makes viral proteins in the body. With this, the body’s immune system is taught to fight the virus. It will teach the body how to build antibodies and other elements of the immune system T-cell to fight the coronavirus

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