COVID-19 Testing Curve: How Some Countries Are Ahead of Others

Coronavirus is spreading at a fast pace around the world, and since no cure has been found yet, countries are approaching different ways to stop this pandemic. Many countries are in the race of developing more and more testing kits to perform more tests and isolate infected people. Some are the real quick in developing kits and some are aggressive to stop this pandemic. Let’s see which countries are ahead of others in COVID -19 testing curves.


Earlier, it was at the number one position in death toll with a total of 3,326 deaths so far, but now the situation is quite an at ease there, and this is because China is ahead of the curve in developing testing kits, testing, and quarantine infected people. Till March 31, they have conducted 320,000 tests across the country and isolated infected people.

As China is apparent origination of the COVID-19 virus, it had started developing kits before the others. As the report posted on the WHO website on 24 January, Chinese disease control and prevention has developed testing kits at the earliest in the mainland of China. The first test kit was developed just after the Wuhan lockdown was announced.


Germany’s earlier prediction that coronavirus could be a global problem and preparedness accordingly helped them conduct one of the highest numbers of tests and recovery in total 91,159 confirmed cases. While most countries were slowed down in preparedness at the early breakdown of this virus, the scientists Berlin and Olfert Landt realized the more number of tests would be needed.

Landt and his company developed the first test kit named SARS, also known as coronavirus. This was published by WHO on 17 January before the Chinese test. This test was passed on by the British government and by the end of February, 4m kits were produced and it was making another 1.5m a week.

Due to the earlier mass production of test kits, Germany was able to perform mass testing from the beginning. They were able to perform more than 12,000 tests daily.

South Korea

South Korea was the one who came forward most aggressively to develop the testing kits. In the statement when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said coronavirus was likely to spread a bit more – South Korean foreseen the consequences of the new deadly virus originated in Wuhan and acted accordingly.

The country developed the testing kits, started identifying and isolating infected people on the mass level. They run about 15,000 diagnostic tests a day. South Korea has conducted more than 300,000 tests by the date free of charge.


Iceland has conducted a relatively higher proportion of tests than anywhere in the world. It took advantage of being a small and relatively wealthier nation. Even many of its people are showing no symptom, it has kept testing and isolating people constantly.

Iceland made mass testing succeed with the help of the Icelandic medical research company deCode Genetics.” Thorolfur Guðnason, Iceland’s chief epidemiologist said that “testing effort was intended to gather insight into the actual prevalence of the virus in the community, as most countries are most exclusively testing symptomatic individuals at this time.”


Italy comes after Germany which has conducted most testing, with about 200,000 tests. The country conducted mass testing; in fact all 3,000 residents of the town of Vò, near Venice, with the aim of testing the whole community and slowing down the virus spread.

Italy has the highest number of death tolls with 14,681 while the total number of infections is 119,827. Though the mass testing has started at the earliest, some including PM was initially appeared to be blaming the policy of testing people without symptoms, Giuseppe Conte said: “We have been the first ones with the most rigorous and accurate controls”. He further added that “Italy appeared to have more people infected because we did more tests”.

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