Delhi Traffic Police is Issuing Movement Pass to the Necessary Ones; Check How to Get A Pass!

Delhi Traffic Police is issuing movement pass

During lockdown in the nation, all the markets, malls, and public places have been closed except the essential goods’ shops. Meanwhile, a case from Delhi has come up where the supplier of essential product has tweeted his query about getting permission for his movement in Delhi in order to supply the products. He is a vendor of sanitizer manufacturer and needs to supply the product at the required place.

A sanitizer vendor named Manish Sachan has written in his tweet that he needs to know the procedure to get a movement pass as he need to supply the products further. He has also mentioned that none of the helpline numbers are working and he is getting no reply on WhatsApp too.


Considering the matter, Delhi Traffic Police has replied to his tweet by mentioning that he must get a movement pass issued by the jurisdictional District DCP Office. DTP also requested him to carry supporting documents for the same. Additionally, it has been clearly mentioned that this movement pass is meant for only those who are involved in the utmost essential services and commodities. Any misuse will be dealt with strictly as per law.

Furthermore, A.DCP South Delhi has also tweeted giving the information that the residents may apply for movement/ curfew pass during lockdown online as well. In the tweet, a document has been attached that provides the procedure to be followed. Also, it has been reminded that it must be used only in case of extreme emergencies.

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