How Does COVID-19 Affect Human Lungs and Rest of the Body?

How Does COVID-19 Affect Human Lungs and Rest of the Body?

COVID-19 disease is now declared as a pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization). The number of infected people is growing very fast wherein the majority of people who contacted COVID-19 are suffering from a mild cold or cough like symptoms.

According to the data, about 80% of the infected people recover from coronavirus without giving any special treatment, only one in six people has serious problems like breathing difficulties.

Prof John Wilson, a respiratory physician, says almost all serious illnesses caused by COVID-19 feature pneumonia. There are many categories of people who get caught by this virus, among them; the people who have the virus but no symptoms are in the least serious category.

Others are those who have an infection in the upper respiratory tract. Those persons have mild fever, cough, and symptoms like headache or conjunctivitis. Wilson says that people who are infected with the virus but mild symptoms can also transmit the virus.

The largest groups of people who are COVID-19 positive are those who have flu-like symptoms and in the need of hospitals and surgery. In the fourth group, Wilson says, people suffering from pneumonia are more likely to develop severe problems.

How Does Coronavirus Affect Lungs?

When people get infected with COVID-19, the virus damages the respiratory tree (air passage that facilitates passages of air between lungs and outside). Infected respiratory tree leads to inflammation, and this in turns causes the irritation in the passage of airline. In this case, just a particle of dust can stimulate the dry cough.

It gets worsens when the infection goes to the gas exchanging unit, and when it happens, it causes inflammation thereby lead to breathing difficulties. Inflammation at the bottom of the lung is ended up with pneumonia.

Lung, when filled with inflammatory materials, causes less oxygen flow in the bloodstream that reduces the body’s ability to inhale oxygen and breathe out CO2. This usually causes death.

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