Is It Safe to Enjoy Causal Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Sex During Coronavirus Pandemic

Enjoying casual sex with protection is considered safe as protection prevents sexual disease from transmitting one to another, but the story with coronavirus is different. So, to understand the safe sex practicing, especially with strangers during coronavirus pandemic, one must know how it spreads.

COVID-19 spreads mainly through person to person, people who are in close contact with one another, through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs and sneezes, and in other ways by which infected droplets land in another’s mouth, nose, eyes, or possibly by inhaling infected particles.

Furthermore, the virus spreads through contaminated surfaces. When a person touches the contaminated surface and then touches his own mouth, eyes, and nose, the virus gets in and makes that person sick. There are different categories of viruses, some virus can spread easily and can lie on the surface for several days and some vanishes soon. COVID-19 is the one that spreads easily and sustainably in the community as it can lie on a hard surface for 2 to 3 days.

So, coming to point, if the partner who you are going to have sex with have symptoms or is carrying the virus in anyways, there is the strongest possibility that you will also get affected as there is no really a way that you can have sex without physical contact.

In such scenarios and if you are strongly inclined towards sex with strangers, erotic phone or online conversation is the safest way during which you can imagine a kind of fantasy you want or just convince your partner to co-operate. So, the thing you can try in this crisis time is exploring the different ways of online sex or erotic creativities using different media platforms.


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