‘It’s like nothing I’ve ever had before’: Infected Man Shares His COVID-19 Experience

A healthy person can never think that Coronavirus is such a danger that can choke life no matter how fit and healthy the human bodies are! Andy Hardwick, a 51-year man, shares a live example of this. He normally lives fit and healthy, but the way coronavirus stroke him, he could never have been expected. He made a video on his COVID-19 experience on the advice of his friends and family. The video is widely circulating on social media, has been shared over 37,000 times on Facebook so far.

“This really hurts, my spine hurts, my back hurts, my neck hurts, it’s like nothing I’ve ever had before, I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy”,  struggling to breathe and with the faint voice, he said. He further said that you get shortness of breath if you move around, and you don’t want to lift your head off a pillow because it really hurts.

Hardwick said the symptoms started coming out with a dry cough which made his throat tighten. He didn’t realize earlier because he was not suffering from fever, he went to bed expecting that it’ll pass over, but once he woke up after a few hours, he found fever and unable to breathe properly. Once he called the doctor, he was said that he might have the coronavirus symptoms and was in the need of the hospital treatment. He stated that treatment reduced the temperature but he could still experience breathing difficulties.

His family thinks that he could probably get caught by the virus when he traveled to London where he works, although he had been given work from home since March 18.



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