Researchers at Oxford University Develops Covid-19 Rapid Testing Kits That Identifies Virus in Less Than 5 Minutes

Scientist at Oxford University finds extremely rapid testing kits for Covid-19 that detects the virus in less than five minutes. As per the report, the university starts the development of rapid test kits by early 2021 and will have approved kits in less than six months afterward. According to the report of Reuters, the Researchers at Oxford University aims to develop rapid test kits that could be frequently used at airport, stations, etc.

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In a pre-print study, the researchers said, “Our method quickly detects intact virus particles,” the test would be “simple, extremely rapid, and cost-effective”.

The rapid test could be proved as a vital key to testing the mass population and re-opening the economy in a safe environment. As the coronavirus is spreading at a fast rate, the rapid test kits will be faster and cheaper to recognize the virus and quarantine the carriers.

Oxford University released a statement that reads “Researchers working to set up a spinout, and seeking investment to accelerate the translation of test into a fully integrated device.”

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