Researchers Speculating That the Blood of Coronavirus Survivors Can Treat the New Patients!!

Researchers Speculating That the Blood of Coronavirus Survivors Can Treat the New Patients!!

A century-old treatment method, used in the days before vaccines and drugs for combating flu and measles outbreak is being tested again to check if this method proves beneficial in fighting against coronavirus. More recently used against SARS and Ebola, it is suspected that this method might work against coronavirus as well: using the blood of coronavirus survivors to treat new patients.

Chinese doctors are attempting for this method for the first time against COVID-19, named this method as ‘donated plasma’. This method came up from the old medical history books, at that known as ‘convalescent serum’.

U.S. hospitals are also looking into the validity and effectiveness of the method and are awaiting permission from the Food and Drug Administration to start this research on a large scale. If possible, it may provide the temporary protection method from COVID-19. Well, there is proven evidence till now to claim it true but the researchers are constantly working and trying hard to come up with a way for the treatment of coronavirus.


Dr. Arturo Casadevall from Johns Hopkins University says “We won’t know until we do it, but the historical evidence is encouraging.” Dr. Jeffrey Henderson from Washington University, who has co-authored the FDA with Dr. Arturo Casadevall says “It may sound like back to Stone Age, but there’s a good scientific reason to try using survivors’ blood.”

Now, a question might arise “Can it act like a vaccine?”


Experts say, if it proves its effectiveness against coronavirus, it may provide a temporary solution to treat the infected but can’t be a vaccine.

A vaccine when infused in a person’s body, it trains the person’s immune system to develop their own antibodies that may fight against the target virus. While, in the plasma infusion method, someone else’s antibodies are infused in the infected person’s body that has a short life and need repeated dosage.

Well, even if the plasma infusion method proves its worth against coronavirus, we are in dire need of it. Any method permanent or temporary will work this time, we desperately need a solution at least to break the chain, says Dr. Liiseanne Pirofski from New York’s Montefiore Health System.

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