Should You Really Worry About Hantavirus Death In China?

Is Hantavirus as infectious as coronavirus? Or is there coronavirus-like pandemic possible? Or is there a vaccine available to combat this? There are many questions that might be popping up in your mind, and yes, it is obvious as the world is suffering from coronavirus pandemic for months. So here comes a brief talk about the new virus sensation ‘Hantavirus’.

What is Hantavirus?

Of course, it is the family of viruses that is not typically found spreading human to human but can be deadly as coronavirus. The report says this virus is generally spread through rodents and causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) and Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in humans. It can spread by saliva, feces, and byte of the infected hosts.

According to the CDC report, the mortality rate due to Hantavirus is 38% all around the world. Luckily it is rare. If we shed light on Hantavirus cases, only 800 people have died in the USA so far. However, this virus is more common in China.

Is Hantavirus as deadly as Coronavirus?

As this virus does not spread from human to human, it is not as deadly as coronavirus. The infection of Hantavirus is rare as it is spread through rodents. This virus has a multiplying ability, but it is limited to the host body. It spreads through feces and byte that rarely happens.

Is there a vaccine or treatment available for Hantavirus?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! To this date, there are no effective vaccines or treatments available to combat this virus. But there are alternative treatments available for early cure. The patients must be diagnosed early in the hospital or provided extensive care to avoid life-threatening situations.

How to prevent Hantavirus Infection?

As there are no definite vaccines or treatments available for this, it is best to stay away from rodents. For this, one can fill up the holes in their homes where a rodent can hide, clean and keep the kitchen food-free.

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