Since There Is No Cure, All Eyes Have Stuck at When Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Ready!

Since There Is No Cure, All Eyes Have Stuck at When Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Ready!

Though the most effective preventive care and complete locks down in many countries have slowed down the pace of coronavirus spread, human eyes are stuck at when its vaccine will be ready. Because, in this pandemic, the one and only thing that can save lives and stop this disease from spreading is the vaccine.

Many companies are in the race to produce such a vaccine, and at least four of them seem to have been succeeded, wherein Boston-based biotech firm has announced that vaccine is being tested on animals and the human trial will begin shortly.

In this pandemic and the race of creating a vaccine, thanks to the Chinese firms which shared the sequence of genetic materials of SARS-CoV-2 to many research groups in the world which help them understand the nature of the virus and produce the vaccine.

Coronavirus causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (Mers). Initially, the work began on developing the vaccine was the same but later shelved when the nature of the virus detected. However, the vaccine developed will work on the same principle. They will be injected into the human body from injection and at a low dose. This works on producing antibodies to the pathogen. It actually boosts the immunity system and activates to combat the virus when a person is exposed to it.

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