Six Tips by WHO for Healthy Parenting in the Time of COVID-19

This is the time when parents must take good care of their kids and interact with them constructively to deal with the situation of confinement. WHO presents before you the six one-page tips, especially for the parents. The planning includes the following tips mentioned ahead.

One-on-one Time

WHO says that it is a good chance for parents to make better relations with their children, as the schools are shut down and students have no pressure of studies. Take out some time in 24 hours (at least 20 minutes) to interact with kids and make them feel special. Ask them about their likes and dislikes. Make them understand the meaning and need for social distancing. Additionally, the WHO has mentioned some interesting ideas separately to deal with toddlers, teenagers, and young ones in their leaflets.

COVID-19 PARENTING One-on-One Time

Keeping it Positive

Parents generally tend to get irritated and scold their kids when they are just driving their parents crazy. It’s difficult to stay calm in these situations but WHO recommends keeping the environment of the home positive. Instead of saying “Don’t make a mess!” use positive words like “Please put your clothes in the proper place!” It’s all in how you deliver your words. This positive behavior will give a huge positive impact. Whenever children do a good job, do not forget to praise them.

COVID-19 PARENTING Keeping It Positive

Structure Up

Obviously, the daily routines of everyone have been messed up these days. Schools have been shut down and people are working from their homes. WHO recommends making up a new routine for these lockdown days. Ask your children to make a routine for them which must include some creative and productive work. WHO says to make hand washing fun by including a game with it or making a handwashing 20-seconds song. Additionally, in the leaflet, WHO has mentioned tips for teaching your children about keeping safe distances.


Bad Behavior

All children misbehave and it is okay. Whenever a child is hungry, tired, afraid or learning independence, they usually misbehave. Its the responsibility of the parents to understand them and deal with the situation accordingly. WHO says whenever you catch your kid’s bad behavior, try to redirect his/ her attention from bad to good behavior. Use consequences to teach your children discipline. Also, in the leaflet, it has been mentioned to keep using tips 1-3 constantly.


Keep Calm and Manage Stress

It is a difficult time. It is recommended to take good care of yourselves so that you can support your children. Do not feel alone, there are millions in the same situation as you are. Whenever you feel stressful, take a break and relax. Take a look at the leaflet by WHO where the steps for a 1-minute relaxation activity as been mentioned. 5 steps are included in this activity which is, ‘set up’, ‘think, feel, body’, ‘focus on your breath’, ‘coming back’, and ‘reflecting’.

COVID-19 PARENTING Keep Calm and Manage Stress

Talk about COVID-19

Secrets and silence do not protect our children. Open up and talk to your kids about COVID-19. Be honest and be supportive. Your children will trust you. Make them feel comfortable and do not make them afraid of the situation.


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