Tips to Maintain Your Health Under Lockdown Situation; Prevent Yourself from Coronavirus!!

Tips to maintain your health under lockdown situation; prevent yourself from Coronavirus

The world is fighting from the pandemic Coronavirus and India too is not left untouched from this deadly virus. The number of cases in India has reached 200 and is increasing every day. The authorities are getting stricter and have lockdown the whole country. This shutdown will practically close everything except the daily necessities services including dairy products, drinking water, telephones, banks, hospitals, medical stores, internet, and electricity. In this situation, do not panic but try to understand the circumstances and take precautions accordingly.

The corporate industry has allowed its employees to work from home. In this situation, you must follow the rules and advice of the government. Just keep your laptop and sanitizer handy. This battle against Coronavirus may last at least 1 or 2 more months, so just keep yourself and your family safe. Here are some tips you must follow during your isolation:

1. Keep your shoes out of your homes

Our older generations used to follow the habit of keeping shoes outside the house doesn’t matter whose house you are entering. It’s time to bring back this habit again. Since shoes are not washed daily and may have chances to carry germs and viruses with them. You won’t want your house to get infected from these viruses. Thus, it is advised to keep the shoes in the shoe rack and place this shoe rack in the outside area of your house.

2. Regular hand washing is mandatory

As advised by the veteran doctors, scientists and the government that Covid-19 is the virus that sticks to the surface and when you come in contact with it, it may stick on your hands as well. So, it is of utmost important to wash your hands regularly. If you keep forgetting about it, set the alarms or reminders in your phone for every half an hour. Even ask others to do the same and indulge this habit for life long.

3. Keep your house clean; Use disinfectants

The commonly used objects in your house that come in contact with everyone like TV and AC remotes, refrigerators handles, doors handles, laptop, tabletop, kitchen counter, drawers’ handles and every other possible thing that comes in contact with everyone must be sanitized properly and regularly. Use disinfectants to accomplish this sanitization. Yes, it is necessary because even inside your house people sneeze and cough. Therefore, just be cautious about everything you touch.

4. Avoid outside food consumption

Online food delivery system is undoubtedly comforting but it is recommended to avoid this for a few days; at least till the situation comes under control. Cook your food with your clean hands. Take good care of yourself and your family’s hygiene.

5. Maintain Social Distancing

Try to avoid meeting people. Not only outside of the house but also avoid inviting guests to your homes. Social distancing is the only solution from this deadly virus as of yet. Though the doctors and scientists are working hard to come up with a vaccine but we do not have any vaccine as of yet. So, give this time just to yourself and cut down meeting people.

6. Bathe regularly

This is the thing not to ask about because everyone bathes daily but some people just procrastinate bathing. To those, it is an appeal to bath daily and stay fresh and disinfected.

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