What if Your Loved Ones Have Possible Symptoms of Coronavirus?

In the time diseases or difficult times, we need our loved ones more than anyone, and why doesn’t it be, they are counted in those who wholeheartedly take care of us without asking anything in return. However, the case of coronavirus is different. As it is a contagious disease, the situation is being worse than ever. If we overlook the danger of virus over love, this can be more fatal for someone else and the chain of infection will never stop. In fact, the world is witnessing more than 5,251 deaths and 1,018,082 infected cases so far; can be said because of the chain of love, work, and our habit that is helping virus spread.

So, after going through the above story let’s come to the point what if our loved ones have the possible symptoms of coronavirus. It is better understood that this is natural to be frightened and paranoid even one has a mild cold, cough, and fever. These symptoms can be normal or can be symptoms of COVID-19, but whatever it is, you should start taking all precautionary measures first to prevent this virus from spreading.

What to Do When Your Family Member Has Possible Symptoms?

If you feel that one of your family members or you have the possible symptoms, the first and foremost, isolate yourself from others until or unless it is a medical emergency. Meanwhile, use mask, use alcohol-based sanitizer to keep your place virus-free, tell all the members of your family to use sanitizer or wash their hand frequently with soap and water. Don’t use the common toilets and all other things that are commonly used in the family.

Call Up Doctor and Elaborate Your Symptoms

Instead of going to the doctor’s clinic, call health experts and elaborate symptoms first. If you have mild symptoms like moderate cough, cold and fever, you might be recommended to stay at home. If this would be the case, drink plenty of fluids, take rest, and monitor the symptoms meanwhile.

If the symptoms are severe like you have trouble breathing or you are elderly and suffering from a chronic disease, you must seek treatment. Call the doctors, and don’t use public transport to visit the hospital. Wear the mask, and avoid going public places. Isolate yourself completely until your condition is improved.

When Can You Need the COVID-19 Test?

Even a mild cold, cough, and fever can be symptoms of coronavirus, nevertheless staying at home and being self-isolated could let the difficulties pass as in 80 percent of mild cases it has been found that patients would recover automatically. All that is important are being self-isolated and using protection to stop virus spread. At the recommendation of doctors, you should get tested. To conduct the test, a swab of your nose or throat will be sent to the lab.

When Should You Seek Medical Care?

Watch the symptoms during self-isolation. If you feel uncomfortable, you must seek emergency treatment ASAP. You may need emergency treatment in case of becoming restless, trouble breathing, feeling pain or pressure in the chest, and if your lips and face have a bluish tinge.

How Long You Should Isolate Yourself?

According to WHO, the standard quarantine time is 14 days. But if you don’t feel good even after that duration, you should self-isolate yourself further or seek medical care. Most of the moderate to mild cases begin to feel better in a week, but in some cases or in the exposure of high viral load, recovery may take more time. If you are not recovering from the symptoms even after a certain period, you should seek medical care.

When Can You End the Isolation?

Once you finish your self-isolation duration, you must ensure that you don’t have a fever for the last 3 days without taking any pills. All other symptoms like cough, cold, sore throat, shortness of breathing have diminished, and you feel good now.

Follow the Lockdown

Even though you don’t have any symptoms, there could be danger of virus exposure from infected ones. So, you must follow the lockdown order until the government ensures that it is safe to walk free outside.

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