While the Rest Is Still in Lockdown, China Is Gradually Getting Back to the Normal Life

While the Rest Is Still in Lockdown, China Is Gradually Getting Back to the Normal Life

When there was first death found in Wuhan and a scaling number of coronavirus cases subsequently in the whole China, no one ever expected but China that the situation could be such a worse that would turn the whole world upside down. It was China that took a bold decision to completely shut down its economy at the end of January in order to control the coronavirus outbreak. Even when the virus spread had started reaching in other countries on a small scale; no one could comprehend that it would become such a pandemic that would put the nations in big trouble. China is the first nation that has crossed the next phase of the pandemic and now trying to restore normal life.

A journalist who has returned six weeks ago from Shanghai explained that the country is amazingly returning to normal life after the backdrop of coronavirus. The number of people has increased on the streets. Now it is not mandatory to wear a mask on public places or when to go outside. The shop, mall, and the restaurant began to reopen slowly and people can be seen gathered there. It is not mandatory to check the temperature of the customers at the mall, restaurant, and other public places at it used to happen in public places during the lockdown.

However, some people are still being seen cautious there. Even it is not compulsory to wear a mask, many can still be seen in a mask on the road. Many avenues are still checking the customers’ temperature, but there are hardly found temperature differences that show the symptoms of the virus.

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