WHO Director-General Thanks PM Abe and IOC for Postponing Olympic and Paralympic Games this Year

Postponing Olympic and Paralympic Games

WHO Director-general opens up his remark on COVID-19 from WHO Headquarters through the live conference. He tells that the pandemic continues to take a massive toll not just on health, but on so many parts of life. He praises Japanese PM Abe and the international Olympic committee for postponing Olympic and Paralympic games this year.

He said: “I thank Prime Minister Abe and the member of the IOC for making the sacrifice to the health of athletes, spectators, and officials. We look forward to next year’s Olympic and Paralympics, which we hope will be an even bigger and better celebration of our shared humanity”.

2020 summer Olympic and Paralympic were about to happen in Tokyo, Japan. But due to coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed and extended to 2021 after the talk between Japanese PM Abe and IOC’s president, Thomas Bach. However, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be called the same even though it is going to be held in 2021.

On the question, how large a price we will pay, Director-general further stated:

“We have already lost more than 1600 lives and we know we lose more, how many more will be determined by the decisions we make and the action we take now.”

He also emphasized on physical but not social distance, he urged people to take care of helpless people in any way possible. He appealed the film industry and media to come forward and spread important health messages, and above all, give hope to people that we have overcome many difficult situations earlier and we will overcome this also very soon.

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