WHO Update on Coronavirus (COVID-19): Public Advisory for the Right Usages of the Mask

WHO (World Health Organization) issued an advisory on when and how to use a mask. Christine Francis, a consultant, describes the ways mask prevents new coronavirus spread. She mentioned that if you are healthy, you only need to wear the mask if you are taking care of the infected person.   However, if you have a normal cough and sneezing, you must wear the mask as this can be an early symptom of the virus. She also describes that wearing the mask is only effective if you are washing your hand and taking precautionary measures while removing and wearing it.

Putting on, taking off, and Disposing of a Mask

Christine Francis describes that before putting on a mask, one must clean his hand either with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitizer. The Mask should be put on in the way that it leaves no gap between the face and the mask. Once you put it on, avoid touching it with your bare hand; wash your hand frequently meanwhile. And if the mask is for a single-use, replace it after each usage.

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