Why COVID-19 Striking Down Young People, Apparently Fit Individuals Including Medical Staff?

COVID-19 Striking Down Young People

COVID-19 generally hits old people, ones who are underlying health conditions and having weak immunity, but the thing that remains puzzled for the scientists is why young people, even hale and hearty, are dying of coronavirus. In some cases of youth’s death due to COVID-19, causes have been revealed, but in some, it is still a puzzle for the experts

Several theories have come up; some scientists believe that this may happen due to a high dose of the virus. Others say that genetic susceptibility might be the reason as some individuals’ genetic makeup is more vulnerable to the virus.

Virologist Michel Skinner favors the latter theory; he says “It is very possible that some of us could have a particular genetic makeup that makes it more likely that our immune will respond so badly to the COVID-19 virus.”

Herpes simplex virus is an example of genetic makeup theory which causes cold sores. In some people, the mutation that affects cell receptors in the central nervous system makes them vulnerable to the virus. Technically, those people are unable to deal with the worst impact of the virus.

Michel skinner further states: “It could be that we are seeing a similar sort of susceptibility in some individuals who get COVID-19, and that leads them to suffer more acutely from serious side-effects.”

Other experts believe that the amount of virus that an individual inhale can be an important factor in determining the outcomes. If an individual irrespective of age inhales a high dose of the virus, he could be infected and caused to death. These cases are called high viral load.

Virologist Alison Sinclair says: “A person with a high viral load has more virus particles than one with a low load,” he further added “We do not yet know what impact viral load has on the symptoms of a person infected with COVID-19. Whether there is a link between a high viral load and worse outcomes is going to be important to find out.”

The early report of china exposed many high viral load cases. Chinese experts suggest that high viral load in patients, no matter how old they are, causes severe diseases including SARS and influenza. So, it is important to take all precautionary measures to stop virus spread or to be less exposed.


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