Why Lockdown Is The Best Time To Enjoy Having Pleasurable Sex?

Do you think that the lockdown period should be spent anyhow as it is crashing the economy or diminishing your energy at all? Or you just want to lock yourself at home in the fear of infection? Of course, both courses of action are good in view to stop coronavirus spread, but don’t you think that this is the time that is offering you a great opportunity to do something new; even a pleasurable experience of sex if you are stuck at home with your partner! Yup! That would much better rather than just sitting idle and spending lockdown duration. So, Why not try something new! The current time is, of course, ominous, but the way you are at home now will hardly come again! So, let’s present some of the reasons why this lockdown is the best time to enjoy sex like never before and how you can make it more joyous?

Time Is All at Yours Now

The pressure of work over the day, worriedness of tackling all essentials, and heavy rush are nothing at all nowadays. Furthermore, no guesting and no outing make you ensure that no one is going to disturb you. Indeed, the whole time is yours. You can make it either productive or just let go.

So, the real challenge is if you are living with your partner, how could you make sex more enjoyable as it is understood that if it is excess without any creativity, you will get bored of it, won’t you? So, one thing you must include in your sex life is ‘daily exercise’. Yup! Trust us, it doesn’t just enhance your strength but also stimulates your sexual energy from all around like by the mind, body, and heart. Thereby, the most important thing is – you must set up a daily routine to add daily exercise among other things.

It’s Time to Add Some Creativity In Your Sexual Intercourse

So, is it just doing some exercise and finishing your sex within minutes you want? We can bet, you don’t want monotony as this is time to add some more creativity. So, what do you think? Isn’t it hot these days to add some hotness in your sexual intercourse? Indeed, it is! So, let’s go ahead then:

The most important thing about sex is to buy more time and how can you do that? By adding more flavor like If there no pool, not a problem! Take a cool shower with your partner and apply the new ways, watch your favorite clip and convince your partner to try something new. Meanwhile, on the eve or morning, you can keep your exercise rolling or you can opt for yoga to keep your mind fresh.

Because It Is Lockdown, Nobody Is Going to Disturb You

Sex (to be more precise, a lot more fun in sex) needs privacy. So, lockdown is the icing on the cake for you. Try some hot dress and convince your partner to do the same. You can be Bindass, no one is going to watch you. Feel your partner’s beauty in nature and zero pollution. Change your course of action after each interval, enjoy home-cooked food, and above all, do the things with your partner which you want to do the most in vacant time. Certainly, doing so will make this lockdown memorable while it’ll also keep you safe at your home.

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