Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Vitamin D Which Is More Important to Combat COVID-19?

While the number of deaths is constantly increasing due to novel coronavirus and no effective cure has been found yet, people are focusing on self-isolation and a healthy diet to boost immunity. However, there are no foods that will protect individuals from coronavirus. But if your immunity system is strong, your body will be able to deal with COVID-19 better than those who have weak immunity.

So, to remain healthy, everyone should eat a healthy diet and do exercise, especially breathing exercises to enhance lung ability to fight with virus infection. And to be truthful, lockdown is giving a great opportunity to eat healthy and home-cooked food.

So, talking about healthy diets, you should avoid sugar-rich food, refined carbs, white bread, and prefer eating food rich with fiber, fruits, and vegetables as they are rich in antioxidants. You might aware of these and also considering in your diet, but the nutrient that people generally overlook is Vitamin D which is more important for our body, especially in these difficult times.

Significance of Vitamin D

People know that Vitamin D improves our bone health, but the thing that people might not aware of Vitamin D is also an immuno-modulator. It helps regulate and normalize the immune system. Other than that, studies revealed that deficiency of vitamin D may cause respiratory infections, and as we all know that COVID-19 affects our respiratory system, it is necessary to ensure optimal Vitamin D status in our body.

We can’t get Vitamin D through our diet. It can be taken from the exposure of sunlight between 11 am to 3 pm, and as lockdown has minimized pollution these days; people can have a great advantage. Exposure of sunlight lets the body observe calcium that improves our bone health. However, if it is not possible anyhow, there is no harm in taking small doses (1000-2000 IU) of vitamin D daily; this will help your body build immunity. Alternatively, one can also take Vitamin D forfeited milk (look for the F+ sign on the pocket), that will also work well.

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