Will Summer Heat Really Help Destroy COVID-19?

Will Summer Heat Really Help Destroy COVID-19

Summer season is on the verge of beginning with the expected temperature rise in upcoming days. Amidst, experts are on close watch to see if surging heat could affect the virus pattern. As of research, scientists believe that flu epidemics tend to vanish when winter falls, similarly, as the coronavirus has flu and Pneumonia like symptoms, warm weather could affect the behavior of coronavirus and its spread.

The common varieties of coronavirus that causes cold do have the seasonal patterns as it is at peak during the winter season, seems to disappear in the spring, and almost at the lowest in the summer season. Similar cases are found applicable to a flu outbreak which is a symptom of coronavirus. In this context, experts say only a small amount of coronavirus appears to be transmitted in the summer season.

Research on common coronavirus HCoV-NL63, HCoV-OC43 and HCoV-229E published by the scientists of University College of London, the high rates of coronavirus infection has been found in February whereas the rate is very low in summer. Other studies reveal that coronavirus is seasonal in behavior as temperature varies.

Rob Aldridge, an author of the studies, states a note of caution, “We could see continued but lower levels of coronavirus transmission in summer but this may reverse in the winter if there is still a large susceptible population at that point, and given this is a novel virus, we don’t know if a seasonal pattern will hold over the summer has the high levels of susceptibility in the population. For this reason, it is crucial that we all act now to follow current health advice.”

The point given by Rob is backed by several other scientists who warn that COVID-19 could be the new infectious agent. As a result, it is likely to continue despite the onset of the summer season.

Virologist Michael Skinner at Imperial college of London says: “I am sure seasonal variations in the virus’s behavior will play a role in its spread. But compared with the effect we are having with social distancing, it will be a very minor influence. It may produce some marginal effects but these will not be a substitute for self-isolation.”

Scientist Ben Neuman wrote “This virus started in near-freezing conditions in China, and is rapidly growing both in Iceland and on the equator in Brazil and Ecuador. As winter turned to spring, the virus growth has accelerated worldwide. This is not War of the Worlds, and there is no deus ex machina to reach out of the clouds and put this right. We have to beat the virus ourselves.”

Researches reveal that the arrival of summer seasons won’t only affect the behavior of the virus but it also brings changes in the human immunity system. An immunologist Natalie Riddell at Surrey University says: “Our immune system displays a daily rhythm, but what is less known is how this varies from season to season”

To find out more about this, researchers have been studying immune changes in various seasons at different times of the day. The initial finding of the research reveals that white blood cell that plays a key role in the immune systems appears to be enhanced in the day time thereby proving that the immunity system varies at different times. However, this is still under investigation. Micaela Martinez at Columbia University says that the result would have quite important to know the response of the immunity system against the diseases. She further added, “Knowing the vulnerabilities of our body to diseases and viruses across the year could inform the timing of vaccination campaigns that will help us eradicate infections.”

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