Wardrobe Ideas For an Elaborate Indian Wedding

The Bride and Groom are the most important part of a wedding. And, you have to admit, brides are even more important. No matter how handsome, dashing and charming groom is but the eyes of everyone remain on the bride. This is the power of a bride that attracts and engages everyone towards herself. A bride overpowers everyone in the party, doesn’t matter how beautiful and attractive others look. This is why a bride needs nothing but to be the best at her wedding.

Indian weddings and Indian brides have been hyped. And why not! After all tons of efforts and investments are put to make a wedding success in India. There is a plethora number of rasams (ceremonies) pre and post wedding, which provides ample opportunity for girls to embrace their selves and try every wedding fashion trend. Clearly, Indian brides do not have a wedding dress instead they have a wedding wardrobe.
Let’s gather some tips to sort what to wear on which ceremony!


Indian wedding begins with confirmation from both the families (bride’s side and groom’s side) on agreeing for the wedding. To announce this publicly, a ceremony called ‘Roka’ is held. As the name suggests, this ceremony is held “To Stop” looking for further life partners from both sides. On this day, the dress for the bride must be a simple and sober one, but that does not mean to be underdressed. The guests in this ceremony will mostly be the relatives and close friends of both side families. So, accordingly, the dress must be simple yet elegant. Many of the guests will be seeing the bride for the first time. Thus, it is important for the bride to make the first impression perfect. As the dress will not be having any heavy work, the jewelry must also be light. Jewelry is not a major concern in this ceremony, as the in-laws will be gifting the bride with lots of jewelry and the bride may have to wear all of it as it is presented to show the guests as well. You may opt for long-flowy Anarkali in color of your choice. Do not apply heavy make-up. Keep it simple and elegant!


The next ceremony is engagement, where the bride and groom share the rings as the sign of getting married. The bride has to look fabulous but not too glamorous because something surprising has to be kept for the wedding. One may choose fusion style dresses for the engagement with modern make-up and classic hairstyling.


This is the time for the bride when she would be receiving all the bridal essentials and blessings from all. Around a week before the wedding, the guests and relatives start coming to the hose of the bride and again the bride comes to the focus of everyone. It is important to carry quality dresses; you may opt for banarasi silk or kanjivaram with minimal work and least jewelry but it is important to focus on the quality of fabric you wear. A set of pearls will highly embrace the look with silk saree.


This is the most exciting and energetic ceremony. The ladies get together and sing local traditional wedding songs accompanied by the local musical instruments. With this, a great vibe of dance and music is generated and spread among all the guests. With the changing trend, the sangeet is now embellished with DJs and cinematic music as well. The bride also has to perform and dance with her fellows, so the dress for this function must be chosen wisely that allows space to dance freely and also adds up grace to the bride’s performance. You can choose a light-weighted lehenga or a set of crop top and skirt with low jewelry, simple make-up, and classic hairdo.


This is one the most pious ceremony, where Heena is artistically and creatively applied to the bride’s hands and feet. The dress must be chosen keeping in mind that the dress must not ruin the Mehendi and at the same time must be graceful. The simple dressing can be accompanied by the attractive floral jewelry.


This function is held on the day of the wedding. The ladies apply Haldi on the bride’s face and body bestowing their blessings. The trend for Haldi day is to wear a yellow dress, as Haldi is itself yellow. You can opt for an easygoing yellow dress with minimal jewelry and a simple hairdo.


The most awaited day for both the families arrives and eyes are set on the bride. The studded hairdo, heavy make-up, heavy jewelry, and heavy lehenga are the set-up for the bride. The traditional color goes red but the current trend allows many more colors. The bride can opt for the color whatever she likes.


The post-wedding declaration of marriage on the groom’s side is celebrated as reception. This is a huge function with a huge guest list. The bride may go for a proper Indian dress or a fusion one or a completely western dress. That actually depends on the way she wants to present herself before the in-laws. This event has scope for experimentation for the bride with her dress.

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