Get Rid Of Awful Back Pain With An Exercise Ball

Most of the adults in today’s era suffer from severe back pain due to the lifestyle followed by today’s generation. Either its office or home, people tend to sit at one place and that too in the same position which acutely builds lower back pain or with time it increases to a severe one. The most effective and easiest way to avoid or get rid of this awful back pain is daily exercise. There are numerous exercises that would help this issue. Here, we discuss the ones we could perform with an exercise ball.

An exercise ball is great equipment that could help reverse the damage caused by sitting on a chair for a long duration. It can be used to strengthen the core and enhancing stability.

Lay your back over the ball

This exercise helps to stretch the spinal cord from top to bottom and helps regain its natural curve which usually gets distorted due to poor posture. This is one of the easiest exercises among all. You just have to lay down on your back on the ball with your feet flat on the ground. Stretch your body and keep relaxed, hold the position for few seconds.

Lat Stretch

For this exercise, you have to kneel down in front of the ball and put your hands on the ball. Now move the ball away as far as possible and at the same time stretch your body downwards as much as your body allows. Once you feel the full stretch, pull back your body and the ball gently towards you.

Circular rotation

This exercise is best for hips as it stretches the muscles of both hips and back. To perform this exercise you just have to sit on the ball and place your feet firmly on the ground and rotate your hip in a circular motion. It is important to maintain your stability while performing this exercise. Rotate in both directions, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

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