World AIDS Day 2020: Today is World AIDS Day, know what is the difference between AIDS and HIV and what are the ways to prevent it

World AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 01 December to make people aware of AIDS around the world. AIDS is an incurable disease. No treatment has been found so far. Avoidance is the only cure. The disease is caused by infection with human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus.

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HIV is a virus. This virus kills the T cells by attacking the immune system of the body. Due to this, the body of a person is not able to fight against even normal diseases. Inadequate treatment of HIV on time increases its infection and becomes the cause of AIDS.

What is the difference between HIV and AIDS

HIV is a virus. It directly attacks the immune system’s tea cells while Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is a medical syndrome. Syndrome is formed after HIV infection. HIV can be spread from person to person, but AIDS does not spread.

This is how HIV can spread

HIV can be spread from one person to another in many ways. This can occur through transfusion of infected blood, use of infected needles and unprotected sex. In addition, this infection can also happen to the pregnant woman by breastfeeding her children and infants.

How to avoid HIV

Awareness is important to avoid HIV. Get injected with new syringes, have safe sex. Get the infection checked before blood transfusion. Also, always shave with a new blade.

Confusion about HIV

There are many misconceptions among people about the spread of HIV. Mosquito bites, joining hands with HIV infected, eating food, talking and using a toilet for many people do not spread HIV.

AIDS Day being celebrated since 1988

World AIDS Day was conceived in 1987 by Thomas Netter and James W., who worked at the World Health Organization’s AIDS Global Program. After this, in the year 1988, 1 December started to be celebrated as World AIDS Day. With this, the theme of ‘AIDS Day’ is kept every year. The theme of ‘AIDS Day’ of 2020 is ‘Ending HIV / AIDS epidemic: Resilience and impact’.

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