Durga Puja 2020/Navratri Day 7 (Maha Saptami)/Saptami Tithi: Maa Kalratri Puja Vidhi, Mantra, Aarti, and Rituals

Navratri day 7 (Maha Saptami) is dedicated to Goddess Kataratri as well as Goddess Saraswati who is the seventh form of Goddess Durga. Maa Kalratri is known as the most ferocious avatar of Goddess Durga who destroyed the demons of darkness from the universe. She is believed to be the destroyer of all demon entities, ghosts, evil spirits, and negative energy. Her appearance itself provokes fear. She is also associated with the crown chakra, thereby bestowing the devotees with knowledge, power, and wealth.

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Maa Kalratri (the seventh avatar of Maa Durga) is known by several names such as Kali, Mahakali, Bhadrakali, Rudrani, and Chandi. She is also known as Shubankari that means auspicious or doing well in Sanskrit. Worshipping her, devotees always receive auspicious results. It is believed that she makes devotees fearless.

Maa kalaratri rides on a dark black donkey. She has four hands and her color is dark. She positions her hand in Abhaya and Varada Mudra and she carries a sword and iron hook in her left hands. It is believed that she drunk the blood of demon Rakta Beeja who had the potential to produce more demons from his own blood.


Navratri 2020 Day 7/Maha Saptami Puja Details

– Favorite flower: Krishna Kamal
– Color of the Day: Grey
– Deity: Goddess Kalaratri
– Mantra: ‘Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah’
– Worship Date: 7th day of Navratri (Maha Saptami)
– Ruling Planet: Saturn (Shani)
– Day 7 Shardiya Navratri: Friday, 23 October 2020

Maha Saptami, Ashtami, and Maha Navami Tithi (Date)

According to the Rishikesh Panchang, Navratri Saptami Tithi (Day 7) is up to 12 ‘O’ clock on October 23 (Friday). After this, Ashtami Tithi will begin and goes up to 11:27 am on October 24 (Saturday). Whereas Navami tithi (9th day) will be up to 11:14 am on October 25 (Sunday). After that, Dashara or Vijya Dashmi will be celebrated on the same day.

Navratri 7th day (Maha Sapatmi) Puja Vidhi and Rituals

This day is considered to be auspicious to worship nine planets by presenting bananas, pomegranate, turmeric, Jayanti, Ashoka, bel, arum planet, colocasia, and paddy. After offering these, the devotees should chant the mantra and recite the Aarti.

Prana Pratishtha

Prana Pratisha is one of the rituals of Maha Saptami wherein a pot with holy water with a bunch of five mango leaves and a coconut is offered to Goddess Kalratri. After that, the mantra and hymns are chanted to invoke the Goddess.

Durga Puja 2020/Navratri Day 7 (Maha Saptami): Mantra and Prathana

Mantra: Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah

Prarthana: Ekaveni Japakarnapura Nagna Kharasthita, Lamboshthi Karnikakarni Tailabhyakta Sharirini.

Vamapadollasalloha Latakantakabhushana, Vardhana Murdhadhwaja Krishna Kalaratrirbhayankari.

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