What to Eat and Not to Eat a Day Before Karva Chauth to Maintain Good Health During Fast?

On Karwa Chauth, women observe the fast without taking anything. However, being hungry and thirsty throughout the day can be harmful to health. Dehydration and nutrient deficiency can worsen one’s health. In some cases, the conditions can be severe. According to the health expert, if you make some important changes in your diet a day before the fast, then this condition could be avoided.

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So, if you are going to observe the fast on Karva Chauth, you need to strictly avoid some things a day before the fast. Do not eat such a thing that is difficult for the body to digest. In such a situation, you should avoid eating meat, fry food, and many types of dairy products.

An adequate amount of fiber in the body can control a person’s appetite for a long time. So, eat a diet in which there is more fiber. For this, avocado, lentil, rajma, oats, and chia seeds are the best things to eat before the fast.


This year, the festival of Karva Chauth is being observed in the winter season, so the risk of dehydration of the body is more. Dehydration can increase the problems like tiredness, vertigo, nausea, or dryness of the mouth. So, eat such things which contain a high amount of water. Cucumber, capsicum, parsley, watermelon, and strawberries contain a high amount of water, thus eating these can be very beneficial to maintain the water level in the body during the fast.


Before the strict Karva Chauth’s Fast, one should concern about keeping the amount of salt in the food to the lowest. The reason is when the amount of salt in the body is high, you will feel thirsty again and your throat will dry up. So, stay away from stuff like pickles, papad, chips, and soup a day before the fast.

It is also very dangerous to have more or fewer sugar levels in the blood. If you are having more sweets one day before the fast, your blood pressure will go up immediately, but due to the fast, the next day it will come back down again. This may give rise to the problem of fatigue or headache. Also, due to high-level sugar in the body, you will feel thirstier and would like to eat sweet even in the fast.

The most important thing is preparations to keep the body fully hydrated on the day of fasting. Avoid drinking tea or coffee a day before the fast. The caffeine found in coffee drastically reduces the hydration level of the body. Instead of coffee, you should drink plenty of water and take as much natural liquid as possible. Coconut water is the best option for this.

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