Your Mobile Phone Can Contaminate You! See, How to Keep It Coronavirus-Free?

Your Mobile Phone Can Contaminate You! See, How to Keep It Coronavirus-Free?

Washing hand and face frequently is one of the best solutions to stop coronavirus spread, but don’t you think that the mobile phone that you always carry in your pocket and touched multiple times with bare hands could be one of the possible reasons that can spread the virus.

Yup! It does as coronavirus is highly infectious and can survive almost two or three days on a hard surface, and even though you wash your hand, it can contaminate you if it is contaminated. So, the important thing is likewise washing your hand frequently; you must often clean your phone to eliminate any chances of virus spread, and in order to do that, let’s see some of the best ways.

Alcohol is obviously the best sanitizer to wipe the contaminated surface. It kills the microbes and evaporates without harming the surface. So, Apple recommends isopropyl or Clorox disinfecting wipes which have 70% of alcohol. It is best to clean the phone and even for the screen. Experts say, anything that cleans the contaminated surface must evaporate from the surface within a certain period of time, and isopropyl evaporates within a few seconds without hampering phone functioning. So, it is best to kill the virus lying on the hard surface.

Don’t use Dettol wipe, it may harm your phone functioning. However, you may use soap and water just for smart and quick cleaning after turning the phone off. You shouldn’t put your phone in running water even though it’s waterproof. Instead, use a soft cloth or a paper towel or something like foams with a detergent in it. Gently clean the phone with a cloth or paper towel moistened with water. Do it for a couple of times to completely remove soap particles and keep it at the same state to let it completely dry.

Clean your phone with that like your hand wash or whenever you come from outside. This works great!

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