Panga Movie Review: A story of Guts and Glory!

Panga Movie Review


A world-class kabaddi player Jaya Nigam (Kangana Ranaut) has put her married life over her upcoming glorious career. Now that she is involved with her family and domestic responsibilities, she is far away from the sport, but again she got this spark and reignited her will to get into the sport again. This “Panga” that she has taken with her life is risky and not easy. This is all that ‘Panga’ means, taking risks, doing something unusual to achieve something better and bigger.


Intertwined in her domesticity, Jaya is completely steeped into the daily mundane routine of her life. She is circled around her son Adi (Yagya Bhasin), responsibilities of home and her job at railways, even though her husband Prashant (Jassie Gill) is a supportive man and they cherish a wonderful relationship. Amidst all this, she could barely manage time even for herself. Kangana’s character is a very anxious and cautious typical Indian mother. Once Adi brings up her past and questions about her being a star player and also requests her to play again, she somehow realizes that she has left her career and passion untouched for years just for the sake of managing a balanced and happy home. Her heart is now set on re-acquiring the lost glory and wishes to re-live her passion which was once left mid-way. But now being saddled with all the domestic responsibilities, will this decision be helpful, that too, all after 7 years of hiatus? She is perplexed and inclined towards taking this “Panga”.

Ashwin Iyer Tiwari beautifully manages to present the characters that are not caricatures but feel like real, palpable that connects with the audience. He presented a simple world from the lanes of Bhopal that perfectly soaks up with a small-town milieu.

The characters Meenu (Richa Chaddha) who is her best friend and kabaddi coach, her mother (Neena Gupta), and even her teammate Nisha (Megha Burman), all these characters have played their roles intrinsically and competently.

The narrative is filled with potent yet pitiful moments that display the eternal tussle that usually Indian mothers go through between homemaker’s responsibilities and living a dream life. The dialogues are intriguing and also at times injected with humor. This quality writing makes it the backbone of the movie.

The viewers love this movie and mostly feel connected due to the depiction of the film that presents and honors the incessant work of mothers that they manage along with desire and passion for fulfilling their personal dreams. This is a must-watch well-crafted film on motherhood and chasing one’s personal dream.

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