Street Dancer 3D Movie Review: The Dance Saga, Not a Story

Street Dancer 3D Movie Review


The characters Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor) and Sahej (Varun Dhawan) are the team leaders of the two different dance teams, Rule Breakers and Street Dancers respectively, which come from different countries, Sahej’s from India and that of Inayat’s from Pakistan. The movie presents the rivalry between the two teams based on dance and also considering the rooted strife between the two countries. In order to prove their supremacy, both teams’ show-off their talent in the niche dance competition. But towards the end, both Inayat and Sahej learn a new outlook toward life depicting a drastic climax.


Inayat, being appreciably pompous, is clearly aware of her innate killer looks and impressive dance moves. She is not even hesitant or afraid about using these as weapons against her cut-throat competition, Sahej. Both of them have a huge fan-base on the London grounds. The duo has openly carried the dance rivalry which is also appreciated and encouraged in a positive way among their fans. As the story progresses towards the grandest dance challenge in the world, both the lead characters experience moral growth which makes the climax a spellbind.

In his third dance movie, Remo D’Souza has also grown in his skills and experiences. The choreographer-turned- director has up-scaled in terms of presenting different dance forms, including, contemporary, jazz, animation Tutting, Afro, Locking and Popping, Urban, Krump, and Slow-Mo. He has impressively managed to make the grand and opulent entry of the lead characters. He knows well, what and how to show on the big screen. Not only this, the VFX in the movie proved to be an added advantage; Remo utilized the power of technology impressively well and made the things visually exciting for the audience. Moving towards the character of Nora Fatehi, Mia is the cherry on the cake, as she has been the perfect fit for the character displaying the charm of glam diva. Dancers-turned-actors, Salman Yusuff Khan, Punit Pathak, Raghav Juyal and Dharmesh Yelande played their roles competently and Prabhudeva’s presence made a complete package.

Undoubtedly, this is a dance-centric movie but the story writing cannot be just ignored, obviously. It has a haphazard story that starts with some other theme and towards the climax turns to another. This leaves the audience/ viewers perplexed in the first half and disappointed in the second. Along with this, it has a plethora number of songs, which is also a good thing in the views of some. But the point is that every 5-7 minutes a dance sequence is thrown which is quite distracting even for a die-hard fan of this genre. Basically, this movie attracts the viewers who have serious love for dance and who enjoy big, glamorous sets of Bollywood. The movie tries to spread the message of love over adversity, compassion towards everyone and stresses the importance of friendship over personal gains, but failed to tailor all these together.

Overall, this movie is an elaborate celebration of dance; if you are die-hard for the dance you’ll love it. It’s a movie not for story but for dance. The songs will definitely make you groove!

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