Ideas To Ask A Girl Out On A Date; This Valentine’s Day, Get Ready For A Perfect Date!!

valentines day ideas

It’s obviously nerve-wracking for many guys to ask a girl for a date, but let me tell you there’s nothing to worry about! Just a little preparation will make you confident and ready to express your feelings. The first and foremost thing to adopt is to treat every girl with respect and grace, so just keep in mind to ‘Handle with care!’ Furthermore, the way you talk to a girl depends on who you are approaching, is she a known friend or a stranger? Here we provide you the ideas for proposing in both the cases:

Date a Friend:

  • Plan a romantic outing: First, converse with the girl clearly on your intent of dating her, do not misguide her. If she gets ready you are the luckiest man. Even if she is busy on that date or does not like certain food; do not worry, have a backup plan ready with some other place on some other date. If she repeatedly procrastinates without giving any alternative; understand that she is not willing to have this relation. It happens because some girls have a hard time saying a ‘No’. Do not pressurize in any case; just go with the flow. Also, note a pro point, do not rush for “too fancy” restaurant this early, it might look cheesy. A decent and not-so-fancy place will be OK.
  • Ask her in person: It’s tempting for many guys to talk about this on phone or text but believe me asking for a date in person will have a romantic and powerful impact on the girl. Also, if you have any friends in common, talk to them about her likes and dislikes. This might help a little.

Date a Stranger:

  • Give a positive first impression and Make her feel safe: The most important thing is to make her feel safe and sound. Do not try to approach any girl walking alone on the street. Also, do not ask for dating a girl if she is somehow trapped with you anywhere like, an elevator or any other unsafe place. Make sure she feels safe with you. Do not rush on anything like, having any physical contact or asking her contact details. Instead, give her your contact details and ask her to contact you later. Text or call her the next day and talk humbly. Introduce yourself politely and try to present yourself confidently and now you could ask her for a date. You could appreciate her for her beauty or talents with non-vulgar comments.If she keeps ignoring your greetings, its best to back off. On the other hand, if she had a positive impression of yours she won’t resist talking to you. Instead, she would be happy keeping you in contact. So, it is important to make the first impression delighting.

At last, it is important to keep in mind that there’s nothing bad going to happen, just the worst-case scenario may be that you get a “No” as her answer. But do not take it on your ego and try to understand the reason that made her denied your proposal. It may sound little cliché but trust me in any case you cannot pressurize anyone. Only thing is to make your best move and give a positive impression.

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