Valentine’s Day 2020: This Valentine, Express Your Love with Matching Blooms!

Valentine's Day 2020

This year make your Valentine cherishing, refreshing and colorful by gifting your BAE the perfect blooms that truly expresses your feelings. It doesn’t matter, whether you have recently started a new relationship or you love someone from years back, flowers are the best thing to gift your partner on valentine if you want to express how much you love the person.

The choice of flowers depends on you, but to make a perfect choice we present a guide to first understand what flower symbolizes what. Make a perfect choice and surprise your partner!


The traditional way to say “I love you” is to approach with red roses, which almost everyone does. Roses come in different colors and every color expresses different feelings such as white symbolizes true love, peach roses enhance intimacy and pink or yellow represents friendship. Also, when different colors are paired, the expression varies slightly like, when red and white roses are paired it symbolizes that person wants to say “We are a perfect match.”


The most highly praised of ornamental flowers are orchids, known for its grace, beauty, delicacy, and exoticness. In past orchids were believed to symbolize virility but now it is known for luxury, sense of magnificence and artful splendor, representing rare and delicate beauty. Pink orchids display pure affection, while popular Cattleya orchids present mature charm. Orchids are generally known to say “I will always love you.”


Lilies typically present a new beginning and are very elegant and classic. In pastel or light colors, lilies embrace more reserved emotions like reverence or admiration, while bright and deep colors like pink, red, yellow represent strong passion for the recipient.


Tulips may be a good choice, as their heart-shaped center represents true lover’s heart. Red tulip indicates expression of passion and romance, pink shows happiness, while purple is known for admiration. Besides these, a white tulip is also an option that presents beauty and elegance while yellow is known for hope and joy.

Choose the right type and right color! Make your partner amazed and even more loved, this Valentine!
Valentine’s week is always hype and partners do expect a lot from each other. Do not miss any of these days! Just to keep you updated here is the calendar for Valentine’s week.

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