Are You Sex Addicted? Know the Side Effects of Having Too Much Sex!

Effects of Having Too Much Sex

It is a famous saying that “Sex is the part of nature and one must go along with nature”. Many of us agree with this, but the question that can pop up in one’s mind besides that, “how much?” Practically, one would probably favor to the extent until one gets tired of it, but clinically the fact behind the scene is different, sex can cause misery if exaggerated. So, if you are the one who is on hunt for the answer, keep your curiosity rolling, and go through the rest part of this blog to be cognizant of the side effects of having too much Sex


This can be one of the causes of having too much sex. During sexual intercourse, a lot of energy is released, calories burned, and heart rate increased. Precisely, during the intercourse, body releases norepinephrine, epinephrine, and cortisol to the bloodstream that give rise to increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle strength and glucose metabolism, all these cause exhaustion if done very frequently or more than usual.

So, if you drag yourself into too much sex or engage in a love-fueled night, your fatigue may extend and you may feel tired the whole day. To avoid exhaustion, determine the frequency of sex in coordination with your partner up to the extent that doesn’t affect your work-performance.

Inflammation and Swelling

If you are engaged in wild sex marathons, it may give rise to genitals sore and swelling. This may happen in both men and women who are involved in too much sex. In women, this may lead to ‘vaginal excoriation’, a condition that is a resultant of scrapping off of the vulva skin during wild penetration. This usually happen due to too much friction that consequently scales off vaginal walls. If this happen, it leads to burning in urinary tube or difficulties in walking. To avoid this, you must take care of proper position and control the frequency.

Rug Burns & Damages of Skin

Rough or unnatural sex may lead to Rug burning and damages of genital skin. This happens due to inappropriate genital rubbing while having sex. The bruises can make you feel uncomfortable even to have sex with safe and natural positions. Unnatural or rough sex is painful and often leaves evidence, so try avoiding unnatural and rough sex.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

This seldom happens because urinary tract is designed to keep microscopic infection out. But there is more possibility of urinary Tract Infections in sexually active women than sexually inactive women. Also, too much Sex with different partners may increases this risk.

It usually occurs when bacteria gets into the urinary tract during penetration through the Urethra and start multiplying in the bladder. On the later stage, bacteria may grow and lead to a full-blown infection in the urinary tract.

UTI (urinary tract infection) is painful. So, to avoid this occurrence, you are advised to empty the urinary bladder soon after sex. Also, drink plenty of water before and after sex that will minimize the infection risk at the lowest.

Weak Sexual Stimulation

While having sex, many hormones including Prostaglandin E-2 are released into the bloodstream. This occurs due to exertion of energy and issue damages during the intercourse. They need to be recovered, and when it happens they give rise to inflammation, pain and fever that may cause weakened sexual stimulation, body immunity, nervousness, muscular pain, and so on.


If the sexual intercourse is long and hard, it may cause dehydration in body. This happens because of too much sweating thereby loss of water while intercourse. This usually occurs with couples who are sexual active very often during day and night. However, this can be easily avoided by drinking plenty of water before and after sex.

Lower Back Pain

While having sex, there is heavy thrust with support of lower back that eventually leads to lower back pain. Long session, too much sex, and continuous thrusting give rise to this problem. This can be avoided by changing the sex position, keeping the frequently less or by keeping the short thrust sessions. You are also advised not to be so excited while intercourse to avoid this problem.

How Much Sex is Normal?

The need of sex is varied in accordance with sexual desire, decline of age, health, and so on. This is because of some persons have higher sexual hormonal level or some has lower. So, it is natural to involve in safe sex until satisfied. Moreover, the factors like physical and emotional health, on-going medications, and grief or depression can hamper normal sexual life in both men and women, wherein childbirth, physical and sexual abuse can affect the women sexual life. But these effects are temporary and sexual needs of women increases with the time.

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