Are You Worried About Delayed Periods? These Can Be the Reasons of the Late Periods

Most women are worried about the delays in their period. That uneasiness is obvious because late period can be the reason for something unexpected, but sometimes it is for nothing like that. In general, pregnancy is the most common reason for missed periods, but even if you are not planning a pregnancy plan, still your periods get delayed. So let’s check the reason for the late period if pregnancy is not the case.

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Stress is the most common occurrence nowadays. It affects our daily lives that also include getting the periods delayed. Stress reduces the amount of hormone called GnRH, which causes no ovulation or periods. So, if this is the case, Keep yourself relaxed and contact your doctor to bring back the regular period cycle.


Illness such as fever, cold, cough or any prolonged disease can be another cause of the late period. However, this happens temporarily and once you recover from the disease, your periods become regular again.

Change of Lifestyle

Body is a clock that keeps track of our daily activities and becomes adapted with that. Changes in routine like working in night shifts, coming out of the city – or during a wedding or function in the house can change our body clock, and when it happens it affects our period cycle too. Periods also become regular when the body gets used to this new schedule or when we return to normal routine.

Breast feeding

After the birth and during breastfeeding, many women do not start having periods on time until they stop breast-feeding the child.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills and similar medicines can also change the period cycle. One should take such medicines on Doctor’s advice. On taking such medicines, either the periods are reduced or come very quickly or they stop coming at all.


Obesity gives rise to many problems in the body, and delayed periods can be one of its problems. Periods can be irregular due to obesity and due to which there can be a delay in periods. Although, this problem may also occur to underweight people, obesity can be a main reason for this.


The thyroid gland in the neck controls metabolism. It also plays a role in many functions of the body. If you have any thyroid related problem then it also affects the periods. So, if you have this problem, you must contact your doctor to get the periods on time.

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